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It is not the purpose of this program to "get" you a GED. That is your responsibility. Our purpose is to give you a chance to develop  your ability to learn, to think, to analyze, and to communicate on a level required by today's higher education and workplace--and the GED and other high school equivalency exams.

You don't want to be one of these--these who insist a program such as our GED & College Prep ought to be run like a century-old classroom or mail-order correspondence course.

The cure is to do Assignment 1 below and check out the extensive set of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers).

One of the skills you need to demonstrate is your ability to read and understand what you have read. So, here goes ...

Assignment 1: Read and understand all the material you can access from this page.

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  1. The Length and Schedule of the Program
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  3. Assignments. Evaluation. and Accountability
  4. A Most Constructive Approach


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