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Use this site search box (above) to locate learning resources of special interest to you ... or to discover some new paths for your self-directed learning goals.

Note: The first few items from a search are basically ads that point to items not included in the Waybuilder structure. But after that, you will find direct links to Waybuilder learning opportunities.

In late 2018, Waybuilder.Net absorbed the content of the 20-yr-old free education sites, Free-Ed.Net and Sweethaven.Com. Whereas the two original sites were modeled after contemporary schools and colleges, the newer version is designed for people who have a need or passion for actually learning new material and skills over a lifetime.

The goal of this emerging structure of education is not to pass exams and to get certified, but to grasp the essence of particular areas of knowledge for a variety of purposes ... ideas that are meaningful and of awesome value.

- The New  Narrative -

You can train a monkey to blow a whistle;
But that doesn't make him a musician

Leave mere "training" for dogs, horses, and pigeons. True learning is an exercise of the human mind and soul.

Copyright David L Heiserman
All rights reserved