Building Trades

Apprenticeship:  The Original 4-Year College

This video clearly expresses the "feeling" for construction-trade careers. It was prepared for Washington state residents, but the presentation  is  universal ... it all  applies to construction apprenticeships and careers in all states.

Watch this video. If construction is your true passion, you will know it in the first couple of minutes.

It is not intended for the home handyman, but rather for prospective professionals who are considering carpentry as a profession or looking forward to completing their apprenticeship.


Building Trades Learning Resources

Residential Construction

Building Construction & Finishing

Professional Carpentry

Commercial and Civil Construction

Paving and Surfacing

Earth-Moving Operations

Building Trades\

Fundamentals of Woodworking

Fundamentals of Masonry

Fundamentals of Electrical Construction

Installing Electrical Service-Entrance Systems

Installing Electrical Conduit Systems

Fundamentals of Electricity

Essentials of Plumbing

Essentials of Welding

Painting for Professionals

HVAC and Refrigeration

Fundamentals of Refrigeration

Fundamentals of Air Conditioning

Fundamentals of Heating Systems




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