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Electronics Education

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pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes) AC Electricity and Electronics
A load of tutorials for basic AC electronics: AC waveforms, capacitance and inductance, reactance, analysis of AC circuits, and more. This is one of the most popular programs at Free-Ed.Net.

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Circuit Analysis for Basic Electronics
This is a series of 44 Endless Examples & Exercises for all the basic DC/AC circuits--from series resistor circuits to combination RLC circuits.  Each one provides an endless number of examples and exercises that prove (and improve) your electronics analysis skills.
Common Electronics Formulas

This is another in our exclusive series of Endless Examples & Exercises™. Here you will find an opportunity to solve hundreds of different version so of some of the most common formulas used in modern electronics.

Complex Numbers for Electronics Technology
Certain types of  ac circuits are best analyzed with the help of complex numbers. Here you can hone your skills with the basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and conversions between rectangular and polar forms.
555 Timer -- Monostable Analysis
Endless Examples and Exercises for finding the timing interval of 555 monostable (one-shot) timer circuits.
555 Timer -- Astable Analysis
Endless Examples and Exercises for finding the timing interval of 555 astable (free-running)  timer circuits.
Basic Operational Amplifier Circuits
Perfect your skills for analyzing basic op-amp circuits.


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Online drills and interactive quizzes
DC/AC Circuit Relationships

This is one of our FactMaster™ drills that help firm up your understanding of the relationships between the variables in 11 different kinds of AC and DC circuits.


Calculator Bank for Electronics Technology

Dozens of calculators for computing everything from Ohm's Law and power formulas to RL and RC circuits.

AC Waveforms

This virtual lab helps built your ability to determine the frequency and amplitude of sinusoidal waveforms as they appear on an analog 'scope display.

Combinational Logic Virtual Lab

Set the input levels and probe the logic IC to determine the output levels. There are 16 circuits and endless possibilities.

Combinational Logic Circuits and Tables

Here are 16 interactive demonstrations of basic logic functions, their Boolean expressions, and their truth tables.

Digital IC Briefs

Dozens of entries for the most common digital ICs. 

Interactive Shift-Register Demos

Eight student and instructor demonstrations for basic shift-register operations.


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Electronics Today

Businesses and other organizations depend on complex electronic equipment for a variety of functions. Industrial controls automatically monitor and direct production processes on the factory floor. Transmitters and antennae provide communication links for many organizations. Electric power companies use electronic equipment to operate and control generating plants, substations, and monitoring equipment. The Federal Government uses radar and missile control systems to provide for the national defense and to direct commercial air traffic. These complex pieces of electronic equipment are installed, maintained, and repaired by electrical and electronics installers and repairers.

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