This is a list of questions (and answers) that are often asked by people who are checking out this place for the first-time.


Free-Ed.Net has been providing free online learning opportunities for the global audience since 1997.


What is the purpose of Free-Ed.Net? Free-Ed.Net is a source of free online textbooks and other study resources that cover virtually all trade and academic subjects commonly found in traditional schools and universities.

Is this school absolutely free? Absolutely yesfor the user.  Expenses are covered by revenue from the unobtrusive ads that appear on most pages. If you see a request for your credit card information, you have wandered offsite and are not dealing with Free-Ed.Net.

Does Free-Ed.Net offer diplomas or certificates of completion? No. Free-Ed.Net belongs to a growing community of online education sites that offer free learning opportunities, but no certification.  Free-Ed.Net  does, however, provide a Certificate of Affirmation for most study programs.

Does Free-Ed.Net maintain a staff of teachers or mentors? No. Free-Ed.Net is a leader in providing lifelong learning opportunities that also build the learner's ability to organize their own work and set their own standards of achievement. However, Free-Ed.Net also encourages the formation of study groups that form their own standards for quality and accountability.

How long does it take to complete a course of study at Free-Ed.Net? Free-Ed.Net does not offer the traditional "packages" of learning material for a given subject. There is no fixed curriculum, and therefore no learning schedule.  And in the context of lifelong learning in our time, there is technically no end to the study of any subject.

Can we buy our textbooks from used-book sources? You don't need hardcopy textbooks to participate in the study programs at Free-Ed.Net. Textbooks can be very helpful, but are never required. Free online e-books and other similar resources that we use are quite adequate.

Are studies at Free-Ed.Net accepted as "education experience" on a job résumé?  Yes, especially when the reference is validated with a Certificate of Affirmation and the Learning  Journal  for the study.

Are there people at Free-Ed.Net who can help me when I get stuck? No. Besides, learning how to get "unstuck" by you own effort is (1) mandatory for successful lifelong learning and (2) a necessary career-building asset.

What are the qualifications for the people who prepare all the study material at Free-Ed.Net? Free-Ed.Net is the ultimate education mashup. This means the learning resources are selected from thousands of websites and then compiled into meaningful study programs. Lifelong learning is all about using the vast resources of the Web ... and Free-Ed.Net is where learners build the necessary skills.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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