The term "lifelong learning" has been in the educator's vocabulary since the late 1900s. In recent years, however, the expression has undergone a radical change. This FAQ will help Free-Ed.Net's visitors understand the new and expanded definition. In the context of our digital/information culture, education and career are no longer distinct activities. Active career development (and maintenance) is virtually impossible today without ongoing education.

Exactly what is "lifelong learning."
Lifelong learning is an integral part of a  lifestyle that includes ongoing learning/educational experiences.
Modern education so expensive and time consuming. How is it possible to sustain education experiences through all my career life?
While formal education, such as secondary school and  college, are important, that particular form of  education cannot be sustained for a lifetime. Self-education is now a viable option. Consider this promotional bit for Free-Ed.Net: "Homeschooling is no  longer just  for kids."





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