Here are questions and answers that refer to the inner workings of Free-Ed.Net, both as a product and an academic enterprise.


How long has Free-Ed.Net been in operation? The first pages were published on the web in 1997. We never stopped to look back. FYI, you can appreciate the evolution of Free-Ed.Net at our kiosk on

What is the business structure for Free-Ed.Net. Free-Ed.Net is not a business entity. It is a product owned by SweetHaven Publishing Services, LLC.

How is Free-Ed.Net funded? Free-Ed.Net is funded by advertising revenue. Until December, 2011, Free-Ed.Net also accepted token voluntary donations from users. Those wanting to express their appreciation should now donate the gift to a charity in the name of Free-Ed.Net.

Does Free-Ed.Net actively solicit donations? No. Free-Ed.Net has never actively solicited donations.

Why do you not seek grants from government agencies and private education funds? First, we don't need the money. Second, we certainly don't need the special-interest interference that often accompanies grant awards. Third, and most  important, accepting grants would violate the essence of our mission statement: to demonstrate that an individual, or small group, can accomplish tasks of staggering significance without resorting to the the common myth that it takes big money to accomplish big things.

How large is your staff? There is one fulltime person ... me.

I would like to buy some advertising space on your site. What are your ad rates? Free-Ed.Net works only through major ad brokers. I suggest you go that direction.

Would you be interested in discussing terms for selling Free-Ed.Net to us? No, thank you. Our exit strategy does not include the sale of the site or anything connected with it.

Are you interested in doing a link exchange with our college site? No, thank you. Free-Ed.Net does not do link exchanges.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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