I am a horrible businessman ...always have been and will probably always be. I've been hurt financially several times because I wouldn't make the effort to learn a few rudimentary principles. The way I've worked with my brand of radical lifelong learning, I had a least three opportunities to turn a new idea into a viable business venture; but I drug my feet, made excuses, and later enjoyed the sight of someone else capitalizing on the same idea and building it into a successful business. My mantra was, "I don't wanna run a business, I wanna play with my own exciting ideas." 


I hope you are here because you find one of these fields of business to be very exciting. Or maybe you are determined to learn enough about any of them to transform your cool idea into a profitable business venture.

Also, I hope to be able to provide some insight and enrouagement for those interested in economics -- and field of work that sometimes has no perceptible connection with day-to-day business.  Think of it this way: You can get a Nobel Prize in economics, but not marketing.


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