There was a day--shortly after the demise of the last dinosaur, if I recall correctly -- that I was working with the marketing department of Radio Shack on a deal to supply parts in exchange for citing their part numbers in my electronics projects books. I had just published a book on building your own handheld calculator (my worst book, ever) and another on building custom TV games (one of my best, ever). Anyway, the marketing manager confided that Tandy (Radio Shack) would be introducing a microcomputer system for home use. He called it a "home computer" named TRS-80. I didn't laugh aloud, but I managed to express my serious doubt that ordinary people would find a use for a computer in their homes. The jazzy new handheld calculators had all the calculating power one needed.

Needless to say, that was definitely NOT my finest hour. But being a true radical lifelong learner, I taught myself the electronics and programming principles for the new rush of personal computers; and made a pretty good living writing books about each of them -- a new machine or language was popping up every couple of months or so. I did some contract programming for larger systems, too.

Radical lifelong learners enjoy working way above their pay grade.

Two things you should understand about what you (we) are doing here:

  1. Computer science is not all about programming. The "science" part is a lot more demanding.

  2. These are not necessarily "courses" in the usual sense.  Most of these learning resources are very short, but intense, presentations of a limited topic. It's mature sort of stuff that informs, enlightens, encourages, and give you a chance to be a kick-ass, independent contractor (innovator, entrepreneur, hacker, quirky genius ... )


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