Science isn't "hard." Your science classes might seem difficult, but that's partly because you are doing classroom work, and not real science. In order to achieve its necessary goals, formal education has to suck the life out of a subject, reducing the wonder and beauty of the subject to a list of multiple-choice questions and short-essay answers.

But it's all different for lifelong learners. Studying and "doing" some science is an exciting experience. Difficult? Challenging? Of course. Make it part of a lifestyle--similar to physical conditioning -- and all the hard stuff becomes a worthy challenge to be mastered.

Comparing typical classroom science with serious lifelong learning is like comparing 20 pushups every morning for the drill sergeant with a personal program of health and fitness.

Science provides fertile ground for radical lifelong learners. Learning ... always learning ... driven to learn. There is virtually an infinite number of of problems that are crying for attention on so many different levels. And contrary to popular imaginings, not all science requires elaborate labs and staffs of highly trained scientists and technicians. You can do significant science at your own desk at home. The Internet gives you access to more scientific information and raw data than existed fifty years ago.

Narrow the Field

General Science

General Topics, Solar System Astronomy, Stellar and Galactic Astronomy, Cosmology and Astrophysics

General Topics, Anatomy & Physiology, Botany, Evolution, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Genetics & Molecular Biology, Zoology

General Topics, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry

Earth Sciences
General Topics, Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental Science

About Physics, General Physics, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Astrophysics

Well, if you are looking for a regular paycheck, two-week paid vacations each year, the semblance of some kind of retirement savings, and the company of other like-minded scientists and technicians, you probably won't be comfortable with the outlaw attitude around here. We offer a lot, but must warn you there are personal risks (usually financial). Try my book (below) if you want a glimpse of doing science without credentials ... of daring to live and work above your science pay grade.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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