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3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions




Well, here we are, sitting at the threshold of enough mathematics to keep a person busy for a lifetime. Those of us who have any systematic exposure to math will approach a place like this with one of three different emotions: excitement, dread, and absolutely no feeling at all. Maybe there is a third emotion along the lines of curiosity and not having a clear idea of what it is all about. In any case, this is a place to confront those emotions and perhaps stir them around a bit for your own long-term benefit.

Are you apprehensive about this place? Aw-w-w, just hang out around here for a while. Some of the good stuff might rub off on ya.

If you are new here and new to the 21st century notion of lifelong learning, you will benefit from reading the blurbs I've prepared for each one of these subjects. Don't dive into the academic material immediately; rather, read  the blurbs for all the subjects before deciding where to begin the more formal work.

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Statistics and Probability

Linear Algebra

Discrete Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Pure Mathematics

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