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My cousins and I are the first generation of my family that wasn't born in a farmhouse. We were raised and schooled in a small farming town. Yes, we had a Maple Street and a Main street, and some nice little business district. But none of us were very far from the farming culture that surrounded us.  As a tot, I enjoyed the signets and aromas of the seed shops. As I grew a bit older and became independently mobile, I found other sources of wonder among the bails of hay and critters that inhabited the huge barns in the nearby countryside. My dad and others in his family said they were only barely aware of the Great Depression of the late 1920s and -30s. I guess those extended farm families spent as much effort taking care of on another as getting the produce and grain harvests to the mills. Of course that has changed now. Agriculture now operates as a business .. a viable industry. And like other businesses and industries of our digital age, things change quickly and often unexpectedly. Lifelong learning for the agricultural and related occupations is crucial for individual success -- often in the face of adversity.

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