Through 99.99% of human history, people have wanted to find ways to move their stuff and themselves in a more efficient fashion. It's highly likely that the first mode of human vehicular transportation was by way of watercraft -- rafts. Trees floating down the river undoubtedly provided the spark of invention for watercraft vehicles.

It probably took a bit longer to come up with the idea of a wheel. Wheel aren't natural objects; but rolling logs probably provided the inspiration. All kidding aside, the wheel was one of mankind's first true inventions (behind hunting weapons and pottery).

Rail transportation evolved from the need to move larger loads ... really large loads. The technology really took off with the invention of the steam engine. We can continue this part of the discussion on the Rail Technology page.

Primitive guys probably dreamed of aviation technology. After all, those simple birds managed to take to the air. One might suppose that the number of fatalities was pretty close to the number of ideas that early mankind's aviation invention. Obviously we eventually managed to come up with workable and reasonably safe form of transportation by air.

Space transportation is a product of the latter half of the 20th century.

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