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The words "global" and "everyone" appear in Free-Ed.Net's mission statement. Most free education sites serve the needs of college-bound and career-minded individuals. That's fine ... Free-Ed.Net does that, too. But that is only a small fraction of the world population. There is a more urgent need to serve the fundamental needs of those who have little opportunity for higher education and live in a less-than-ideal world. The Foundations Programs are designed to suit the particular needs of such peoplethe majority of beings on the planet.

Note: These programs are still under development at Free-Ed.Net. This is new territory, and there are no outlines or guidelines to aid in the development process. But Free-Ed.Net has been blazing new trails in free online learning for nearly two decades, so this is not an unfamiliar situation. We would appreciate your support in the form of suggestions, comments, and spreading the word about this school.


Millions around the world were not prepared to cope with the Great Recession, and most are not  prepared for recovering their lives. This is also true for returning combat veterans of any nation. Whether it was by ignorance, poor choices,  or circumstances, or dedication to other responsibilities, these people find themselves in a no-win situation. To help these people get their career preparation back on track more effectively, this Free-Ed.Net program offers something much more viable than the older schoolroom rhetoric they left behind.

Fresh Start

This program is intended for people around the world who need to improve their personal circumstances by learning (or relearning) the basics of reading, writing, math, personal communication, personal health, and entry-level job skills.


The Gateways program is intended for people in developing nations who have a strong desire to use education as a means for bettering their lives and making positive contributions to their communities and cultures.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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