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About the College of Education at Free-Ed.Net

You will find that there is very little of the "ordinary" at Free-Ed.Net, and the plan and purpose for the College of Education is no exception. This definitely is  not a typical school (online or otherwise) for incubating the next generation of educators. And it certainly is not a source of "tricks and secrets" for better teaching or a stage for expounding trendy theories.

This college is about people who ought to be benefitting the most  from dedicated,  passionate, and effective leaders (teachers, mentors, or whatever). Who are these intended beneficiaries? They are the millions of people around the world who have been deprived, or remain ignorant of, any available means to better the lives and their communities through learning.

Consider the extremes. At one end of the needy-learners spectrum are the village people in the slowly developing parts of the world who want home-grown teachers. At the opposite end of this spectrum are the PhDs and Nobel Prize winners who have so much to offer from their knowledge and experience but are miserable teachers. That covers a lot of ground. Where are you on this spectrum?

[More to come. I simply have a more pressing challenge at the moment]


David L. Heiserman, Editor

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Revised: June 06, 2015