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In today's workplace, education and career are mixed together. An ongoing career demands ongoing learning.

Until the closing years of the 1900s, the most widely accepted definition for lifelong learning would bring to mind informal pottery making and cake decorating classes at the local recreation center or YMCA.  Today, however, lifelong learning has a much broader and far more  serious meaning. Lifelong learning is now a critical components in a strong career, financial security, and more satisfying lifestyle.

There is room here for everyone who wants to delve into nature and purposes of self-directed lifelong learning. We offer the soft stuff that will help you keep your career and personal academic interests on  track.  And we offer stronger medicine for those who understand that the world is in the midst of cultural upheavals that have shattered the structures of our traditional institutions -- including education. The key to survival and growth is self-directed lifelong learning.

So  welcome to the world of  lifelong learning at Free-Ed.Net.  I  hope you find the experience as meaningful and dramatic  as I  find in preparing it for you. Drop me a comment to let me know what you think about this business of self-directed lifelong learning--as presented at Free-Ed.Net.

- David L. Heiserman

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No matter what specialties you choose to devote your learning energies, you will function much better from an understanding and experience with:

  • Information Acquisition
  • Information Assessment
  • Critical Thinking
  • Information Analysis
  • Information Synthesis
  • Information Communication

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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