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The only thing worse than accomplishing nothing is the illusion that you are accomplishing something. --DH

This department is intended for people who want to know what they should expect from some of the most common introductory college courses and how to prepare for taking them. The discussions assume you are going to be taking a live, real time, face-to-face college class at an accredited school. Much of the material also applies to online courses from accredited schools.

You will find the answer to this common question: "What's it like to take a course in _____?"  (You fill in the blank). Select the name of a course, and you will find insider samples and examples of:

  • Classroom activities
  • Textbooks
  • Online resources
  • Quizzes and exams
  • Labs
  • Homework assignments
  • ,,, and more, as appropriate for the subject

Courses are organized studies that include at least a free online textbook and a study guide. Many include exams, quizzes, instructional videos and other helpful learning resources. They are suitable for both self-learning and formal instruction.

Getting the Right Start A short course for students making the transition from high school to the first year of college.

Becoming a Successful Student A short course


Currently available course previews at Free-Ed.Net:

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