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Video Game Design

Video Game Development

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    Early Video Game History





    In the Beginning

    David L. Heiserman

    I am absolutely convinced--totally certain--today's video game industry is the digital-age version of the 20th century film industry. The really exciting part of this comparison is that the video game industry is barely out of its infancy. Chances are pretty good that video game creations are going to mature into a mirror of 21st century life and mythology. More ...

    I was personally involved in the birth of the industry, writing a book called How to Design & Build Your Own Custom TV Games. It was fun to write, fun to hear from readers, and especially fun to be part of the early history of Silicon Valley ventures.

    And I must say that the game industry we see today is NOT the "forever look." It is defining itself and drawing encouragement from a huge dedicated fan base (market), And  history shows that enterprises of that type are so wrapped up in their success that they barely notice this little group fashioning something new -- new themes, new interactivities, new market -- that will one day unseat the ordinary of today. Some of you might belong to that next phase of game development.