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Your learners are living in their present, and not in your past. They value what they see you doing now, and not what you did five. ten, or fifteen years ago. If they see you watching soap operas, doing household chores, and chatting on the telephone while they are studying, they will know that such things are more important than learning. But if you see you hard at work on your own study plans—even just 30 minutes a day—and if they see you laboring over their lesson plans for the next day, they will realize the value of learning.

The following programs are intended for you, the homeschooling mentor. Find a topic that is important or interesting for you, and then approach it with the enthusiasm and tenacity of a serious student. Keep a learning journal, take lots of notes, look up supporting resources on the Web, discuss your work with your family and your home school learners. They might not understand your work in detail, but they will certainly pick up on your enthusiasm and determination to succeed by learning.

Online resources that provide an overview of the subject. These are especially
helpful for learners who are searching for subjects that suit their needs and
personal interests.

Resource Publisher
Overview of Wikipedia


These are contemporary textbooks that appear online, free of charge but with an undetermined number of pages missing. They are selected for their relevance and quality.


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