Privacy Statement
for Free-Ed.Net

We at Free-Ed.Net are dedicated to providing high-quality career and academic educational experiences, free of charge over the Internet. As part of our commitment to excellence and integrity, all names, e-mail addresses, and any other personal information communicated between Free-Ed.Net and its users is considered privileged information. Such information will be used only by the relevant operations at Free-Ed.Net. None will be sold or distributed to any other organization, public or private, for any purpose whatsoever.

Specific instances of materials that are covered by this privacy statement include, but are not limited to, mailing lists for Free-Ed.Net newsletters, e-mail correspondence between students and Free-Ed.Net administrators, student rosters for synchronous classes, and student records.

Instances that cannot be covered by this privacy statement are those specifically intended for public viewing, such as bulletin-boards, discussion forums, chat rooms, and guest books.


David L. Heiserman, General Manager