Things Have Changed


We are in the process of converting all of our free learning resources to the required security format ... the https thing.  Our software structure dates back to 1998, and isn't exactly compatible with today's methods. Hence the annoying messages and inablity to access your lessons. 

The good news is that all learning resources are still available, but under a different address -- and everything is now certified as "safe".

Free-Ed.Net and Sweethaven.Com are now collected under the umbrella of The most direct  action you can take is to go to the waybuilder/free-ed home page and use the navigation to find your learning resource -- then adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

Here are the corrected links for some of the most popular features:


Automotive Systems

Fundamentals of Professional Welding

I sincerely regret and apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused many of you -- especially instructors using our material for class assignments.